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Garth Brooks to Go Digital, Announces New Record Deal

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Garth Brooks’ music will be going digital. The singer made the stunning announcement during a press conference on Thursday (July 10). In addition, fans can expect new music, released on Sony Music Nashville. The new studio album will be the legend’s first since 2001 – the same year he “retired” from the road.For a long time, Brooks has declined to put his music online, as he insisted albums be released in their entirety. It’s not clear if that’s how he’ll release his music moving forward, but all digital sales will be handled through his official website, not iTunes. There will be a window when his entire collection will be released at a “stupid” price.”People who have waited should be rewarded,” Brooks says.The singer has been teasing a world tour for nearly seven months. In December, he let the news slip during an interview with ‘Good Morning America’ host Robin Roberts. Fans had not heard anything about an itinerary since, aside from five shows in Ireland that have been canceled.Now fans know that on July 14, the first date of his world tour will be revealed.The ‘Friends in Low Places’ singer hasn’t embarked on a full scale tour since 2001. At that time, he retired to be a full-time father while his daughters were in school, promising to come back after the youngest graduated. There has been no shortage of projects and concerts in recent years – most notably his long-term residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas.In 2007, Brooks released ‘The Ultimate Hits,’ a package that included several new songs, most notably ‘More Than a Memory.’ Last November, he released a box set of covers called ‘Blame It All on My Roots.’ Both projects were available for a limited time only at Walmart…. (CONTINUED)

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