Mexican Fast Food Chain To Offer Fries

01/03/2017 at 3:55 | Posted by Jeff Reynolds
TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 25:  A basket of french fries which will be used for McChoco Potato is seen in the kitchen at a McDonald's Japan branch on January 25, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. The McChoco Potato, McDonald's Japan's special winter menu, french fries covered in chocolate and white chocolate sauces will be available in McDonald's restaurants on January 26, 2016 until around mid February.  (Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Christopher Jue / Stringer | Getty Images News

Who says you must sell burgers in order to offer a side of fries? Taco Bell has decided to offer fries as an optional side with their burritos. The Tex-Mex chain has been testing French fries as a possible staple inside one store in Irvine, Calif. TB’s fries can be served with “habanero” seasoning for 50 cents, or you can also have your fries “loaded” for an extra $2.

Taco Bell isn’t the first Tex-Mex fast food chain to offer up a potato alternative. Have you every visited a Taco John’s out west? They have hash browns and tater tots on their menu. I prefer to stick with the usual tacos, burritos, chips, etc. Potato offerings to me just seem like a cheaper way to get you fuller, quicker.


Source: Business Insider