Kicks Wake Up Krew 2-22-18 Podcast

This morning, we wondered if you can de-stink a skunk...we also played I Love You, Man and had another episode of Krew Confessions - our most difficult one yet! Kelsey randomly texted Dub asking if he wanted a pet bird, and Mike proceeded to tell us about his pet bird (may it rest in peace)...and…
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Kicks Wake Up Krew 2-21-18 Podcast

Wednesdays mean another round the Most Likely Game and the Whisper Challenge; plus, a warning about bath bombs, Dub falling asleep with Bob Ross & Jenny getting a strongly-worded letter about a violation of her Homeowner's Association agreement.
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Kicks Wake Up Krew 2-20-18 Podcast: Kicks Court, Krew Karaoke & Mike's Croatian Vacation

Mike is back from his trip to Croatia and tells us about the, um...crappy toilet paper over there; plus, another episode of Kicks Court (Dub finally got some votes today, yay!) Today on Krew Karaoke, it was Mike's turn to pick Dub's song, and it had us rock 'n' rolling...well, mostly just rolling...in the floor,…
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