Kicks Wake Up Krew 2/14/18 Podcast: What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You've Ever Worn? Plus, The Most Likely Game, The Whisper Challenge, And Jenny Gets Your Food Baby Kickin' With Talk Foodie To Me

Wednesdays mean the Whisper Challenge, and Dub alllllllmost got today's phrase--almost. Jenny's 'Talk Foodie To Me' got us feeling some type of way today, and now we're going to the store to buy all of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Sigh. Some questions got a li'l bit awkward during the Most Likely Game, and speaking of…
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Kicks Wake Up Krew 2/13/18 Podcast: Kelsey Isn't Abiding By Dub's Car Radio Rules, Jenny Is A Next-Level Extra Dog Mom, Plus Our Hypothetical Rapsheets & Another Episode Of Krew Karaoke

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and Jenny proves that she is next-level extra when it comes to her 4-legged child, Mary Poppins Bender...also, Dub is having a problem with Kelsey not abiding by his car radio rules. Speaking of not abiding by the rules, *if* you got arrested, what would your family & friends automatically assume…
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Kicks Wake Up Krew 2/9/18 Podcast: The Loser Line, Rigged Arcade Games & A Red-Headed Cheeto Baby

Our weekly check of the Loser Line, plus rigged arcade games, a well-intentioned proposal that probably would've sent most women running for the hills, and a baby who was born with red hair because his mom ate a lot of Flamin' Hot Cheetos while pregnant...
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