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6 months ago

This is very cool! Good on you RGIII.He helped student make a very special prom prosoal

Redskins quarterback surprised a Virginia high school student who has cerebral palsy.

USA Today

6 months ago

Are you an Apple fan like me? Big day!! Apple expected to unveil iOS 8

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6 months ago

Video by barefootjake

Jake going to hit a few!

6 months ago

Glass Cracks Below Tourists in Chicago Skydeck

In what could have been a nightmare come true, part of the glass floor in a viewing box high above Chicago cracked below a group of California tourists.

6 months ago

Now, I can have a beach house! Kansas City ‘beach’ house leaves gritty taste with neighbors – WSMV Channel 4

A home completely surrounded by sand is getting mixed reviews, and Kansas City officials say the house is getting complaints too. The homeowner had 80 tons of sand trucked in. <br />

6 months ago

Billy Currington Announces He’s Working on New Album

Billy Currington is keeping himself busy these days. The ‘Hey Girl’ singer revealed to his Twitter followers that he’s in the studio working on his sixth album.

NBC Sports

6 months ago

Racer thinks he wins stage but one lap remains

How’s your Monday? Better than this guy’s I bet…..During the AMGEN Tour of California, a rider crosses the finish line and celebrates winning the stage. The only problem: the race isn’t over. There was still one lap remaining in the stage.

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