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WHY Was Jenny In The Men's Bathroom Last Night At SRP Park?

WHY in the world was Jenny in the men's bathroom last night at SRP Park? Well, there's a perfectly good explanation that makes NO sense whatsoever. Dub surprised Cash with a special proposal, and we picked the winner of our Greenjackets Ultimate Dad's Day! Also, our favorite Friday tradition: TGIF Because Why!

Dub Wants To Fight Bruce Willis

Justin Bieber has challenged Tom Hanks to a fight, so each of us come up with a list of celebs we'd scrap with--and probably lose. Father's Day is this weekend, so we want to know some good gift ideas besides the usual socks & ties. Cash is super nervous today, because he's throwing out the…

Lemonjello, VaGina, and Other Very Bizarre But Very Real Baby Names

Randy Houser's new baby is named Huckleberry Randolph, which is pretty unusual - but not compared to what some of you called in with when we asked about the weirdest baby names you've ever heard! Wednesdays mean we open up the phones for a li'l vent sesh in Can You Not; plus, a country star…