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Chicken Nuggets Soap Is Now A Thing

Here are the top five reasons you will want to try chicken nugget soap.

Chicken nuggets and soap do not seem like they should be used in the same sentence. But, it is true chicken nuggets soap is now a thing. Before you pass judgment, the super realistic soaps do not smell like chicken nuggets. According to Seventeen, "The soaps are made by Etsy user ajsweetsoap and retail as a set for $8.50. They look creepily realistic, but instead of smelling like chicken, they actually are scented with vanilla oil." I love this idea, so original.

Reason 1: They smell like vanilla oil

Reason 2: They look so realistic

Reason 3: You could play a joke on your friends

Reason 4: They are the perfect gift for your chicken nugget loving friend

Reason 5: Now, you can finally take a shower with your chicken nuggets and they won't get soggy

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