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Instagram Adds 'Collections' Feature, Creates A Pintrest-y Action!

Tech Monkey See, Tech Monkey Do.

After Instagram was experiencing a few glitches today, it looks as if they have added a new feature to the platform!

So you know how you see a new hair trend from your favorite stylist or a new photo from a sweet photographer that you like? Well, now you can save those posts into a collection!

Very similar to a Pinterest Board, you can click the right corner on your Instagram feed, and save those photos to your Collections. You can create organized boards for the collections section too - which means you can separate everything based on what you're looking for.

The other great thing? Right now, it does not alert the user you saved their photo, and your collections are not visible to the public that follows you, so you can privately save with no notification.

Check it out below:

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This is going to save me SO MUCH ROOM in the I-took-too-many-screenshots-department.


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