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Mom Genes: LeAnn Rimes Dishes On Complicated Relationship

We don't hear as much from LeAnn Rimes as we once did, but when we do, it's usually pretty interesting. The "I Need You" singer who achieved stardom at the ripe old age of 13 appeared this week on ABC's The View with an introspective look at her life and the new album Remnants. She performed "Mother," a track she helped write that explores the sometimes-complicated relationship with mom Belinda.

"She really lost me to the world at 13," LeAnn told hosts Whoopie Goldberg and Sara Haines. "And I was very un-empathetic to that." The now-34-year-old said things began to change as she confronted the challenges of being a stepmother. "I called her crying; I sent her a text like 'I understand now!'" Watch the full conversation and see her performance of "Mother" below.

LeAnn Rimes On Family, Relationship With Mom and New Album 'Remnants' | The View

Uploaded by The View on 2017-05-02.

LeAnn Rimes, "Mother"

LeAnn Rimes Performs 'Mother' | The View

Uploaded by The View on 2017-05-02.

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