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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Season 3 of the CW’s Jane The Virgin has been released on Netflix, according to Netflix.


Warning, stop reading NOW if you haven’t completed Season 3 or watched the finale.


Welcome to Season 3 where Jane Villanueva, played by actress Gina Rodriguez, endures a whirlwind of events that continue to change her life. It all begins with her husband Michael’s (Brett Dier) death.

After years of struggling to cope with her loss, she decides to take on the world again and start a new chapter. She works endlessly to get her novel published, her parents Rogelio De La Vega (Jamie Camil) and Xo (Andrea Navedo) tie the knot and never forgetting Michael, Jane eventually manages to find’s true love again..Maybe? In the finale, the Golden Globe star unexpectedly runs into her first boyfriend Adam (Tyler Posey). Many fans were unsettled by their encounter, as they were hoping Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni), an ex-love, would get back together.

It’s safe to say Season 3 was probably the most heartbreaking of the telenovela with so many ups and downs and suspenseful twists and turns. In Season 4, here’s what you can expect:

There might be someone else involved in Rogelio and Xo’s marriage, which may not leave them “living happily ever after”. We will definitely see more of Adam, learn about his story and what brought him back into Jane’s life. But will the 25-year-old actor do more harm than good? After all, Jane is a mother carrying the burden of a child, a dead husband, and a demanding job. We tend to think Adam could be a little more adventurous and wild than Jane might be at this current time, Entertainment Tonight reports. The ultimate question- will the two end up together?

Jane the Virgin Season 4 returns to the CW on Fridays this fall.

Check out Jane’s recent endeavor in an Instagram post where she opens up about her anxiety.


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