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Five Fatalities Confirmed In Florida As A Result Of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has had devastating effects on the state of Florida, and as it continues to churn near the Tampa area, five deaths have now been confirmed.

According to ABC News, a person died in their home located in Shark Key this morning. Two other people passed away in Monroe County, and two people died in Hardee County.

Currently, over three and a half million individuals are without power in the state.

At this time, Irma is headed for Lakeland, which is to the east of Tampa.

The Associated Press on Twitter

BREAKING: Hurricane Center says Irma inland is nearing Lakeland east of Tampa, still Category 2.

Nearby residents can expect severe wind gusts and heavy rain until 4 a.m.

Please stay indoors, and do not be fooled -- even if the storm sounds as though it is dissipating, it is not safe to venture outdoors until authorities give the all clear.

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