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If you’re like me, you’re always glued to your phone, to the point of wearing it out, always dropping it, including on your own face. 

Chances are, you also need some cool gadgets for your phone to make it work better, more functional, etc.  Here are some of our top favorites that you definitely should add to your upcoming Holiday list.


Mophie | Pricing Ranges Depending On Phone Model – Amazon

I thought I could live without my Mophie case, and it turns out I couldn’t. When I purchased my first case, I had an iPhone 6 Plus, and it was constantly saving my life, especially in college. Now, with a job where I’m constantly on my phone, I’m always killing my battery, and don’t even get me started on how “informercially troubled” I looked at all the music festivals this year fiddling with my $5 power bank and long cord. This eliminates all of that – adding a battery pack to your phone case. You can get industrial versions that are super charged, or go with the standard battery pack, and you can even find some refurbished on Amazon if you’re looking to try it out without breaking the bank, but I say it’s totally worth it. Don’t want to be caught with a dead phone this day and age. And don’t worry, kids. It’s not just for iPhones, they have them for Galaxy and Google Pixel too.