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(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Rascal Flatts‘ took their time recording the new album Back To Us, a luxury they didn’t always have during the most hectic peroids of their 17-year career.

In many ways the recording process was reminiscent of their first album. “What’s amazing is self-titled Rascal Flatts came out June 6th of 2000,” the trio’s Jon Don Rooney notes through Flatts’ record label. “The same rules kind of applied to this project [in that] we had time to work on it [and] weren’t pressed. Big Machine, [President/CEO] Scott Borchetta and everybody said you have full autonomy, just take your time, whenever you feel like it’s ready. And so we took close to two years to do this whole project.”

That was a marked difference from the more hectic periods in their career. “There were times making albums, probably the past five or six years, where we were so busy on the road,” Joe Don continues. “Gary’s having to go sing when I can’t be there and Jay couldn’t be there. I have to do guitar parts and singing harmonies when he and Jay couldn’t be there. But this project we were together most of the time, if not all the time, and that’s [true of more than] any other project I can remember since the first album. So I think that’s part of the reason why this one harkens back a bit.”

They’re also enjoying less time on the road these days. Outside of a Las Vegas residency that’s about to wrap up, their touring schedule is mostly clear. There is talk of a brand new tour for 2018, however. Stay up on that here.


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