The Top 10 Things We Miss That Technology Has Replaced

Remember the good ol' days, when you would spend hours picking out the perfect songs for your mixtape? Or the original text message: handwritten notes? Technology has made those things pretty much archaic, thanks to Spotify playlists and Facebook Messenger. Sure, technology has made life much easier and convenient, but it has also taken a lot of the fun out of certain things....

A new survey asked people about the top ten things they miss that have been replaced by technology, and it will give you all of the nostalgic feels:

  1. Making mixtapes
  2. Putting pictures into a photo album
  3. Recording t.v. shows on your VCR
  4. The excitement of getting a roll of film developed & seeing how they turned out
  5. Handwritten notes
  6. Sending love letters
  7. Having a penpal
  8. Buying CDs and having a massive CD collection (alphabetized, of course!)
  9. Knowing phone numbers by heart
  10. Board Games

A few other honorable mentions that almost made the list were disposable cameras, video rental stores and phone books.

What are some things that you miss that have been replaced by technology?

~ Jenny Bender