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Kelsea Ballerini Quite Possibly Just Said The Most Relatable Thing Ever

Kelsea Ballerini got our attention when she tweeted about ice cream.

More specifically, when she seems to consume an entire carton of ice cream without realizing it.

Hey, it happens ... perhaps to some more than others.

But, it's summer and it's hot out, so why not.

In a hilarious and true tweet, the country star said how weird it is when a carton of ice cream gets out of the freezer and finds its way to her stomach without her even having a say in what is happening. She further reiterated her frustration by saying, "annoying."

We couldn't agree with her more!

Kelsea Ballerini on Twitter

Isn't it so weird when the carton of ice cream crawls out of the freezer and sneaks into your stomach before you even have a say in the matter...annoying...

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