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Like most families, the Robertson’s enjoyed a festive day on the Fourth of July — Complete with food, fun, tennis, and unfortunately, an injury.

Thankfully, the injury did not stem from fireworks, however, it’s still painful nonetheless.

Later on in the evening on July 4, the family decided to play a game of tennis, and not just an ordinary game of tennis either.

If there’s one thing we learned about the Robertson’s during their ‘Duck Dynasty’ days, is that they are fiercely competitive.

During the game, Sadie and her mom Korie were in the midst of a pretty intense match when the game was cut short due to an injury.

During the round, Korie suffered a torn calf muscle. Ouch!

Korie is currently recovering at home, and is spending a lot of time resting to help her heal.

Get well soon, Korie!

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