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It may be his 25th birthday today, but Scotty McCreery just gifted us with a hilarious, weird, and sweet video — All in one.

The video, posted on the country singer’s youtube channel, is a glimpse of what he goes through every day.

In the video, Scotty shares tweets sent to him by fans and non-fans alike.

Scotty wanted to know why people should and should NOT go see him and crew on the road during the Seasons Change tour.

One user commented that Scotty’s wife could there, which is obviously a pro, while another person said he didn’t want to go because he might cry in front of his significant other while Scotty performed.

There was also a slightly unusual comment from a fan who said they like to get seats as close to the stage as possible so they can get an up close and personal view of Scotty’s chest hair.

Wait, what?

Yes, they really said that!

Hilarity ensued when another person asked when the guy from the mad magazine got a singing career?

Oh lordy. Well now that he mentions it, we do see the resemblance.

You can watch the video in its entirety below:

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