Last year, I decided to take control of my health and did a complete lifestyle overhaul, which included being much more mindful about nutrition and what I put into my body. It’s all about finding what works for you—what works for one person may not work for another—but in my case, I have gotten great results and achieved better health by eliminating most sugar from my diet, and limiting the amount of carbohydrates that I consume.

One of the biggest challenges for me has been transitioning from unhealthy cooking, to being more health-conscious in the kitchen, and now I LOVE sharing my favorite low carb recipes—including this most recent one: cream cheese fruit dip!

This was a total accident that I experimented with last night—and it turned out to be one of the most delicious accidents ever! I spotted a cream cheese fruit dip in the produce section at the grocery store, and I’m sure it tasted great, but it was LOADED with sugar and a long list of other ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. So, I went home and thought I’d try to make my own, using sugar-free ingredients with lower carbohydrates and none of those other added, un-pronounceable ingredients.

It ended up being DELICIOUS. It even got my husband’s stamp of approval—he loved it so much that he wanted to lick the bowl, just like cake batter!

If you’re in the same boat that I am, trying to be healthy, but also want to indulge in something sweet once in a while, then you’ll love this! It’s super easy to throw together, inexpensive to make, and not a lot of clean up.

Feel free to follow my health blog on Instagram for more recipes @betterbender, and let me know how you enjoy this dip!

Jenny Bender is one third of the Kicks Wake Up Krew on Kicks 99 in Augusta, Georgia, along with Cash & Dub. She's married to Chris Bender and is doting dog mom to their two rescue fur babies, Mary Poppins Bender & Truly Scrumptious Bender. Jenny is a karaoke queen who loves Jesus, country music, cheese, and the color pink.