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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I don’t trust anyone who says that they never ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and tried to only eat the marshmallows. As a cereal connoisseur, I can say with a certain level of authority that the marshmallows are THE BEST PART of Lucky Charms, and why do we even need those dry cat food pieces in there, anyway?

This has been one of my biggest gripes in life since I was a small child, and now…drumroll, please…Lucky the Leprechaun has heard my pleas! Lucky Charms shared on their Facebook page they have teamed up with Jet Puff’d marshmallows to release bags of ONLY THE MARSHMALLOWS! What’s even better is that you don’t have to enter any crazy contests or venture to some exclusive website, because the bags of Lucky Charms marshmallows are available at most grocery stores—and only cost around $1.50 per bag!

Our days of marshmallow-picking-outing are over, friends…what a time to be alive!

Photo: Lucky Charms Official Facebook

Jenny Bender is one third of the Kicks Wake Up Krew on Kicks 99 in Augusta, Georgia, along with Cash & Dub. She's married to Chris Bender and is doting dog mom to their two rescue fur babies, Mary Poppins Bender & Truly Scrumptious Bender. Jenny is a karaoke queen who loves Jesus, country music, cheese, and the color pink.