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Thomas Rhett is one of many Nashville artists who worked with and had a friendship with songwriter and producer Michael Busbee, who passed away yesterday at age 43 of a brain tumor.

Rhett was so impacted by Busbee he posted an email sent by Busbee to him last Christmas. It read in part, “Every night when I go to bed after my wife and I walk into the bathroom and slide the sliding glass door, you pop into my head. I have no idea why but it’s happened many times now so I just say a quick prayer for you and your family. Blessing, Protection, Wisdom. Have an amazing Christmas. Our love to your family.”

Thomas posted to Instagram, “I got this e mail from my good friend @busbee last Christmas. I’m so heartbroken to hear about him passing. My prayers are with his sweet family. I feel like Busbee had it figured out while he was on this earth. He has encouraged me to look at this life as it is. We are but a mist. We are here then we are gone. Go out and love people today. Be a light in dark places. Love and miss you Busbee.”