Music News

Luke Bryan releases a brand new song to radio this week called “What She Wants Tonight.”

He talked about co-writing the new song when he played the Opry last night (10/22). He said, “I wrote it with Ross Koppelman, Hillary Lindsay and John Nye, and John and Ross and I wrote ‘Strip It Down’ and then we had the opportunity to bring Hillary Lindsey who had a part in ‘Knockin’ Boots.’ I’ve went so many years wanting to record a Hillary Lindsey song and especially record one that I’ve written with her.”

Luke continued about the song, “It just talks about this girl. She’s kind of… She owns the night. She gets what she wants, and I get to be what she wants tonight. And it’s funny I feel like it’s something, you know, girls love. Girls love hearing that sentiment. I’m really excited about it. It’s big up-tempo. I’m getting a lot of excitement out of it. You know, the label’s fired up and I’m excited for people to hear it.”

The new song is the beginning of a new album. Bryan explains, “I’m always working on an album. I’ve worked I’ve written a lot for this album. I’ve written more than I have on the past couple of albums.”