This beer is a favorite for many, and came in second place behind Budweiser in the state of South Carolina.

Jeff Adam, is officially “The Man,” and Bud Light just got the best free advertisement ever. Last night during Game 5 of the World Series, Jeff watched an Astros player hit a home run right at him, and he chose to let it hit his chest over dropping the Bud Lights in both his hands. Of course, the clip went viral right away.

It also got the attention of the Bud Light social media team, who reposted the video of the incident and starting asking Twitter to find their “hero.”

A bunch of fans started telling Bud Light to give Jeff free beer for life for what he did. Bud Light responded, saying, “Oh we will.”

After the game, Jeff was interviewed, and he cleverly said, “You know what though, it hit me in the chest, but it was from the other team so I didn’t feel anything. Go, Nats!”

Bud Light has since found Jeff, and they tweeted out, “Update: We are in contact with our hero. He’s wearing this beauty to Game 6.”

Game 6 of the World Series is today on Fox.