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Hot off of his American Music Awards performance, Thomas Rhett is getting ready for Thanksgiving; he plans to spend the day at home with his wife and two daughters in Nashville.

“I think I have to remind myself a lot to stop thinking so far ahead and really just soak into the moment and not be such a planner about the future because I really can’t control anything.”

Thanksgiving is a good time for him to take some time to reflect, and he says, “While good times are happening you might as well sit down and soak ‘em in because you don’t know when the next one’s gonna be. And so especially now that I have kids, I’m really trying to soak in way more moments, rather than being on my phone or looking at a calendar, just like being there with my kids and remembering these times cause they don’t last.”

Rhett tries to maintain an “attitude of gratitude” at all times, and he told us that his New Year’s resolution is to be present and live in the “now.”