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On this first day of 2020, we take a look at what country stars are shooting for in the New Year.

Here’s are some 2020 New Year’s Resolutions and thoughts:

Thomas Rhett thinks the New Year is a great time to think of ways to live a better life, and for 2020, he says, “This year was to live simpler, just with stuff and like things that I found important in the last four or five years of my life that really are not. I’ve just tried to kind of declutter my life a little bit, whether it’s mental or physical.”

For Carly Pearce, the New Year is less about setting resolutions, and more about taking stock of where she’s at in her career as one year ends, and where she wants to improve and what she hopes to achieve as the next year begins. “I think that every year I try to look back on the year and see what has happened, what I achieved, or what I felt like I could do better at,” says Carly, “and just try to set quarterly goals. I try to set yearly goals just to make sure that I’m continuing to try to get better.”

We asked Brantley Gilbert if he ever makes any kind of resolutions, he said, “Not necessarily. A lot of people make like the resolutions and things, but I never really stuck to many of those, so I don’t do that.” He has done some things to honor New Year’s superstitions. For instance, Brantley says, “I remember my mom used to do the black-eyed pea thing. I somewhat remember that a little bit. I think she said you make more money the more black-eyed peas you eat. But yeah, I remember she used to do that.”

Kip Moore doesn’t make any resolutions at the New Year. He told us, “I have never made a New Year’s Resolution. I feel like I am always trying to work on things, and I always set goals for myself. I have never said on New Year’s that I am going to do this and that. It’s more about if I wake up one day, it might be on the second, where I’m like ‘I wanna fix this, or do this better,’ then I’ll do it. But I have never had a New Year’s Resolution, and I don’t plan on starting.”

Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne finds the whole idea of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day rather amusing. He said, “I think it’s kind of funny how we spend literally the last moment and the very first moment of every year being extremely intoxicated, extremely, because you don’t want to wait until like 12:30 to get your buzz on. You’ve got to do it before midnight, and then once midnight happens, you’re like, ‘Omigod! Now it’s time to celebrate even more.’ Debauchery is the literally bookending your entire year.”

For those who do drink a bit too much, Kacey Musgraves has a great hangover cure. She shared, “Coconut water is a major help with hangovers and also, a lot of times we go and eat Vietnamese fuh. It’s a soup, and it’s got this awesome broth. You can get different things in it or whatever, but for some reason, it’s just like…it’s almost like a chicken noodle soup kind of an idea, you know, but it’s good. That’s good for hangovers too. That, sleep, Tylenol, coconut water and just water, in general. And when you’re drinking, have your alcohol, drink a little bit of water, drink some more alcohol, drink some water. Yup!”