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Luke Combs’ life has changed dramatically in the last few years as he went from a budding country artist to a superstar with sold-out night arena shows and number one records; he even made his Saturday Night Live debut last week.

Luke’s financial situation has also changed from when he was pulling up to shows in his little Dodge Neon to now riding his big King Cab Ford truck.

He told us, “I gave my dad a Chevelle for Father’s Day, 1969 Chevelle, white with a blue interior. So those are the things that I enjoy spending my money on is things that make people happy.”

He adds, “I don’t need a lot of stuff. I’ve got a great house, got a great family, got great friends, and stuff to me is that, it’s just stuff. Eventually I’ll get sick of it, eventually I’ll sell this watch cause I’ll get bored with it and probably want another one, and I’m ok with that. You can’t buy a good family and good relationships, so I try to do things with my money that help the people that have helped me.”