World Radio Day is February 13th! On this day we celebrate the invention and use of the radio for its important influence across the world. At a global level, radio broadcasting is the most widely reached platform. It is used to provide information, educate people, and promote freedom of expression across many cultures!

It’s days like today that make us that much more appreciative to spread our passion for country music far and wide! The love and engagement we get to experience  with our Kicks audience is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for letting us share our love for radio with you!

The Kicks Wake Up Krew : 5:30am-10:00am 


Radio has turned my life around in so many wonderful ways. People always say, “You must have the most fun job ever!” They’re not wrong. Sure, a job in radio is not without its stresses and pressures, but my mentor once said to me, “If, at the end of your worst day, there’s still nothing else you can imagine doing because you’d miss this too, much, THAT’S how you know you’ve found your niche.” And that’s exactly how I feel about the chance to make a living behind a microphone. I’ve now been doing radio professionally for almost a decade, and it is constantly changing, but one thing will never change: the magic of live, local radio. So much of it is either pre-recorded or piped in from states away, but there’s nothing like connecting with the people in your community, in real time, on a daily basis. To me, radio is about the special bond between host and listener, and I will never take that lightly. I’ll invest in that relationship however I can; whether it’s meeting people at live broadcasts and thanking them face-to-face for listening to us, taking a minute to sing happy birthday to a caller, or finding ways to meet a need when we hear of one in our community. I will nurture those bonds with my listeners, because each one of those people are unique and so special to me. Today, on World Radio Day, as I reflect on the many memories that I’ve made, my most treasured accomplishments are the friendships that I’ve gained. My heroes & mentors in radio have become my closest friends and are more like family. My co-hosts are more like my long-lost brothers. Listeners have become dear friends (some of them even decorated my wedding and had their very own table at our reception!)
My favorite quote comes from P.T. Barnum: “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to do just that each day on Kicks 99.

My first day of broadcasting school! I worked in healthcare as a CNA/x-ray tech before going to Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Charlotte, where I graduated with a certificate in radio & television broadcast media.

My brothers from other mothers! Working with Cash & Dub never really feels like work. They are two of the nicest people, on and off the air.

My beautiful wedding—decorated by listeners, who stepped in at the last minute (I mean that literally!) when our wedding coordinator flaked out on us less than a week before the big day! These sweet folks showed up at the rehearsal and decked the place out in pink and white, and their kindness is something I’ll never forget.

My mentors/heroes/best friends: Charlie & Debbie Nance. I could ramble on for pages about how much these two mean to me. I’ll keep it brief and simply that I would not be who I am or where I am without these people in my life. They have become family to me, and my favorite job title will always be their “Beloved Intern Jenny.”

Radio Royalty, Kellie Rasberry, from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Kellie is an actual queen as far as I’m concerned. She’s gorgeous and gracious, and everytime I’m around her, all I can think is, “Gosh, I want to be her when I grow up!”

Surrounded by fellow Beasley Media Group talent, with our CEO, Caroline Beasley (center), at a morning show conference in Chicago…collecting friendships from all across the country: Vegas to Philadelphia and everywhere in between! Beasley puts a priority on live, local radio personalities—an increasingly rare thing in corporate radio. I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company!

Marissa—a.k.a. the Midday Bae on HD 98.3—has only been here for a few months, but she’s already become such a good friend that it’s hard to remember our circle of friends without her in it.


I started out calling in to the Kicks99 morning show when I was 12, and now I’m a member of that show! Talk about taking things full circle!

I’ve been in the radio business now officially for almost 18 years, and have had the chance to be on several of our Beasley Augusta stations! I’ve done country, rock, and top 40.

I’ve been on Kicks99 officially since 2002. I have done everything from weekends to week nights, and afternoon drive now to morning drive. Out of all of it, I love The Kicks Wakeup Krew because we have the most freedom to entertain. I also love being out in the community meeting listeners and hosting events.

I love working for a radio group that puts emphasis on being live and local, and being very active in our community where we live, work, and play just like all of our awesome listeners!




I love being a part of a community. Just like the one we have here with Kicks Country. That’s what local radio is to me. We have made the CSRA our home. We decided to raise a family here in Augusta. That’s because of radio. I’ve known no other job in my life besides radio. Local radio has given me the opportunity to provide for myself and my family since I was 18. I love being a part of Kicks County.

Be sure to tune in every weekday morning for The Kicks Wake Up Krew! It’s the perfect way to start the day!

Tee Gentry: On air talent and Kicks 99 Program Director

I have always loved radio! When I was 13, I would call radio stations and make requests and once I heard my voice on the radio… was magical…the experience, not my voice. Ha!

I’ve been in radio over 27 years and have been in the Greenville-Spartanburg market as well as Myrtle Beach, St Pete-Tampa and my home Augusta!

I’ve been on-air at KICKS 99 over 20 years and have loved every minute of it. Helping charities and giving back to the community is my favorite thing to do. We all stay really active in the community as part of Beasley Community of Caring.

Beasley Media Group (our owner) believes in live and local first and that involves helping our community any way we can.

Hope to see you soon!

The building where I had my first radio job!



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