Music News

Jordan Davis releases his new EP today (5/22) with his latest single “Almost Maybes.”

He posted to Instagram this morning, “This EP means a lot to me and I can’t tell y’all how awesome it is to start getting out this next chapter of music…I definitely thought the release of this music would look different, but I am just happy to have new music out…Can’t wait to hit the road and play these live …Y’all are the best fans in the world… Thank you, and turn these up loud.”

Davis has a baby girl Eloise, who is now six months old. Jordan told us about watching his wife Kristen in the new role as a mom. “Kristen’s been such a such a great mom. It’s just it’s amazing to see: through the pregnancy and then obviously everything that goes into getting Eloise here. That’s something that us guys just kind of have to tip our hats to, because it’s unreal to to to just witness a woman become a mom. And my wife is crushing it.”

Davis has been able to spend a lot of time with his baby girl because of the pandemic and the quarantine. He told us, “It’s been the silver lining of all this. It’s obviously a terrible thing, terrible time that we’re going through. But, for me to be able to witness some of these really cool moments, you know, and hopefully some still to come, you know, she hasn’t taken her first step or really started crawling.”

He adds, “I was there when her six month birthday on Sunday, which I would have been in California, I was there for the first time she ate solid foods, which was hilarious.”