KICKS 99 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Tyler Farr’s Mini Concert was C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. and we couldn’t get enough! We learned more about what he’s been up to at home and who he’s been working with in the studio.


Tyler has been spending time at home on his farm, which has made it easy to social distance. His wife is currently working on a COVID unit, “Hats off to all ya’ll out there working, nurses, doctors, and everybody trying to fight this thing. Thank ya’ll so much”


<em>A Guy Walks Into a Bar </em> is one of Tyler’s favorite songs and one of his latest number ones, “Thank ya’ll for making this happen for me.”


Tyler has been working on new music with his ‘brother’ Jason Aldean. Jason has been producing songs for Tyler, including <em>Only Truck In Town.</em>  “It’s been such a cool experience with him; he’s one of my best friends and one of the dudes I’ve always looked up to.”