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Graduation is a special day for every student, and you never forget the feeling of walking across the stage and hearing your family cheer for you from the crowd.

Dominique Moore is a teacher in Alabama, and after graduation earlier this month, he noticed that one of his students was sitting alone after the ceremony.

Mr. Moore chatted with the student, and found out that the teen had no family show up to his graduation.  “I couldn’t imagine graduating high school and my folks not being there,” Mr. Moore wrote on Facebook.

They went to lunch, where Mr. Moore discovered that his student had been walking to work every day. Since then, Mr. Moore has been driving the boy to and from work every day, and has collected enough money through Cash App to buy the boy his own car.

Mr. Moore has stepped up and become a father figure to this student and says, “These bonds go beyond the class.”

Dom M Moore

Update: lil homie does not have a Cashapp I do. If you want to be a blessing I'll surly give him every dime that was sent to him put in the for field For student: $mooredaeducator Leaving...


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