KICKS 99 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Kip Moore’s Mini Concert was a wild one! He shared with us the inspiration behind some of his biggest songs, including She’s Mine, Plead The Fifth, and  Hey Pretty Girl.


Kip has been spending time visiting family, but also staying active with surfing and rock climbing. “The Kentucky Mountains, a place called the Red River Gorge, which hosts some of the best rock climbing in the world. I’ve pretty much been climbing roughly five days a week, seven to eight hours a day.”


She’s Mine  was written at the beginning of Kip’s traveling career as he saw life from a whole new perspective. “Understanding that life was going to be coming at me at all different angles. I grew up in South Georgia and that’s kind of all I knew before my career took off.”


Plead the Fifth  is a song about what it’s like to leave a relationship for the better, but your heart is still in it. “Sometimes your heart is still calling for that person and it’s a really tough thing to walk away from and you might not want to admit it, you might plead the fifth on the whole thing, but you know where your heart lies.”


Kip wrote Hey Pretty Girl  after seeing a huge change in his bandmate Dave once he became a father. “At that time it was looking through his eyes and how he saw it and if he was a writer of lyrics how would he say it.”