KICKS 99 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

We wish TJ and John Osborne could have stayed a little longer, but it was great to have them as our latest Mini Concert! They shared what they’ve been up to at home and if they have finished their new album.


Brothers Osborne have been spending their time like a lot of us, cooking, cleaning, and Facetiming with family. “We’ve spent the last month just reflecting on our lives, you know getting little siestas here and there.”


Stay A Little Longer   is special for TJ and John because it was their first number one and helped them win their first big award for Song of the Year.


“This is our new single All Night, a song that we wrote just about having a good time, not taking anything too seriously, and in light of everything that’s happening right now, I think we could use it.”


Brothers Osborne’s third album is just about done and they can’t wait to get back on the road to play it. “If you’ve been to a show of ours and you like our shows, you are going to absolutely love this record.”