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Whether he’s playing a high school basketball star, a circus sidekick or a notorious serial killer, we’re used to seeing Zac Efron in incredibly great shape.

In his new Netflix show, Down To Earth, many people have noticed a change in Zac’s physique–and the internet is losing its mind over Zac’s “dad bod.”

As an O.G. fan of Zac Efron AND dad bods, I’m pretty qualified to weigh in on this issue, and let me clarify this: THAT. IS. NOT. A. DAD. BOD.

Here’s the thing: we’re always talking about how unhealthy it is to place unrealistic expectations on women’s body images, and body positivity has become a huge issue in the feminist movement.

If Zac were a woman, we would be all like, “Yassss, you go, girl! Live your life and eff the Hollywood beauty standards!” So, why are we so quick to point out the changes in Zac’s body, just because he’s a man? Is that not equally as unhealthy on mens’ body images? (And again, I say–just because his muscles aren’t as defined, he’s still not overweight or out of shape.)

Smells like a sexist double standard to me.

Muscles or no muscles, I think we can all agree that Zac Efron is not an ugly-looking human, and I’ll say it: I prefer the non-chiseled version.

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