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Reese Witherspoon started the “2020 Challenge” on Instagram recently with the months of 2020 this year so far and a facial expression for each month of what has been a challenging year to say the least and several country stars have followed suit.

Reese posted the nine picture challenge to Instagram recently writing, “Yup. #2020.”

Yup. #2020

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Chris Young, Billy Ray Cyrus and Kelsea Ballerini are a few of the country stars that joined in the “2020 Challenge.”

Kelsea wrote last night on Instagram after a fan made one for her, “idk who made this…but lol.”

Chris posted, “How you know that it’s #2020‬.”

Billy Ray Cyrus did one this morning (8/6), writing, “Thanks for the inspiration @reesewitherspoon! #2020 #WhatToHeck.”