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Many artists have been getting quite creative as they have stayed home for five months during the pandemic. The guys of Old Dominion found a unique project to occupy their time: remixing their self titled album with cats meows.

The group posted to Instagram, “Cat’s out of the bag! We are rereleasing our entire album, only this time it’s all ‘meows.’ Sometimes you gotta be silly. #ODmeowmix is out meow.”

It’s for real too. Each song is sang by the group and every word sang in every note in every reflection is “meow.”

There are tons of songs about dogs in country music, but few about cats. We found a few.

Collin Raye did a song called “Cool Cat” in 2017.

George Strait sang of loving his new flame’s cat in “You Know Me Better Than That” on his Chill Of An Early Fall album.

Hoyt Axton’s “Bella And The Dealer” talks about a cat named Kalamazoo which traveled with a dog named Jake.