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Throwback Thursdays have become a pop culture phenomenon, and it’s always fun to see what hidden gems people – especially celebrities – will dig up. I just can’t decide if this throwback from Gwen Stefani is cute or creepy.

The photo, taken in the 90’s during Gwen’s No Doubt days, features Gwen with 90’s Blake Shelton – mullet and all. Here’s the thing, though: Blake and Gwen had never met before coaching the Voice and did not know each other in the 90’s. In fact, at the time, Gwen was married to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

Yep, Gwen photoshopped her ex-husband out of the photo and replaced it with Blake!

All I can think of is that episode of The Office, where Michael Scott photoshopped himself over a photo of his girlfriend’s ex husband – and then put it onto a Christmas Card! His girlfriend was so creeped out that she dumped Michael right there…

Here are some ACTUAL, not photoshopped pics of Blake & Gwen together… 

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