Earlier this week, I was STUNNED to learn that my husband, Chris, had never eaten Lucky Charms! He’s in his mid-thirties, so I just assumed that at this point in life, everyone has tried the iconic cereal.

My jaw dropped even further when Chris went on to say that in addition to Lucky Charms, there were several other legendary cereals that he’d never had.

Turns out, he’s also never tried Cookie Crisp, Captain Crunch, Reese’s Puffs OR Trix!

Cereal is my all-time favorite food, so I needed to remedy this situation, FAST. So, we did a cereal taste test!

Finally, Lucky Charms were put to the test. So, did they pass the Chris Bender taste test? And how did they rank against one another? Here’s the full video…

Chris mentioned that he’s also never tried Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Puffs, so I think there may be a part two to this cereal taste test in the near future!

Jenny Bender is one third of the Kicks Wake Up Krew on Kicks 99 in Augusta, Georgia, along with Cash & Dub. She's married to Chris Bender and is doting dog mom to their two rescue fur babies, Mary Poppins Bender & Truly Scrumptious Bender. Jenny is a karaoke queen who loves Jesus, country music, cheese, and the color pink.