Look, I love a good plate of nachos, but so many things about this make me cringe.

In this nacho ice cream cone concoction, the “chef” (and I say that in the loosest sense of the word) spreads a can of nacho cheese all over her countertop—no foil or anything, gross!—then adds other nacho fixings, including lettuce, beans, shredded cheese, meat, etc.

Things get kicked up another notch on the nasty scale when she mixes all of the ingredients together, adds some crunched up tortilla chips, and here’s where it gets even weirder…

She scoops it into a baked tortilla, shaped like an ice cream cone!

Kalen Reacts: Nacho Bueno

I'm tired of seeing it... #NachoBueno

Posted by Kalen Allen on Monday, February 8, 2021

Maybe this isn’t an altogether awful idea, but the wilted lettuce and soggy chips is where it loses me. I also could do without the salsa, sour cream and guacamole all mixed together—and girl, would it have killed you to at least put some foil over your counter first? And maybe use a spatula to spread it?

What do you think? Would you give this nacho ice cream cone a try?

Jenny Bender is one third of the Kicks Wake Up Krew on Kicks 99 in Augusta, Georgia, along with Cash & Dub. She's married to Chris Bender and is doting dog mom to their two rescue fur babies, Mary Poppins Bender & Truly Scrumptious Bender. Jenny is a karaoke queen who loves Jesus, country music, cheese, and the color pink.