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Carly Pearce will turn 31 in April, but it was her 29th year of life, when she lost her dear friend and producer, busbee, to brain cancer. It was also the year when she got married and also made the decision to get a divorce. Those experiences inspired her new collection of music, aptly titled 29.

Yesterday Carly told us, “I think it’s kind of that point in your life where you have a lot of life experience and have been through things, but also, you’re still young and have wonder about the world.”

She also discussed the title track. “This song for me, was me just owning a year that was difficult and embarrassing for me in some ways, just like we all have embarrassing moments in life, and trying to take it for what it is, just a moment that strength will come from and wisdom will come from and good will come from, and being happy with that.”

Pearce just released a new song from the project called “Should’ve Known Better.”

Carly’s 29 will be out on Friday (2/19).

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