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Blake Shelton recently told E! News that he may not be putting out another album anytime soon. He’s sticking to singles right now.

He told E!, “I don’t want to put out an album. I really don’t. I’m sure that at some point my record company people are going to pressure me into it, but as of now, I’m not putting out an album this year. I know that.”

Blake added, “I’ll be just as happy to release just another single. I do [have more songs] and I’ve got other stuff that I’m pumped about, but when I think about an album right now I’m like, ‘Do people care about them anymore?’ I don’t know. But I’m having a blast just releasing singles. Maybe I’ll do that from now on.”

Shelton recently hit the interview circuit for his new single “Minimum Wage.”

Blake Shelton - Minimum Wage (Official Music Video)

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