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Very excited to be a part of this very cool event. My friends at Drop The Dis Podcast asked me to host their inaugural Augusta Rocks! event this Friday at Savannah River Brewery. This event is kind of like a Guitar Pull style concert, except with all local musicians! Every cent of ticket sales, sponsorship dollars and donations are going right to the Salvation Army of Augusta.

It’s obviously been a pretty crazy last 12 months. We haven’t been able to be out in the community nearly as much as we want to. This event is a perfect way to reintroduce “things to do” here in the CSRA. While the event is sold out, it’s completely socially distanced. Ya’ll know I have my mask wherever I go, so I’m excited to get out in front of people again. Safely.

Please check their site. Head to to kick back, relax and DONATE! Let’s help contribute to one of the best organizations in this town to help people and families here in the CSRA. Plus, I’m bound to make several mistakes throughout the night, so that should be pretty entertaining. Friday is going to be an incredible night of fun and live music!