In a recent article from, they made a list of the 9 best new Netflix shows for this year.  While many of us await the return of a favorite show… many have looked for new shows to indulge in while we wait! With the current pandemic and cold weather limiting us to indoor activities, it only seems fair to say many of us have binged a variety of Netflix shows to keep us occupied.

One thing interesting about this list, is that it does include new seasons of already favorite shows, some of which aren’t released as of right now.  Some of these are brand new shows with only one season (which can be so frustrating when you binge in a few days… but who does that?).  How did they make the list of best new shows this year?  We’ll need to watch these and determine for ourselves!

Did your new favorite show make this list?  On this list you have:

  • Firefly Lane
  • Ginny & Georgia
  • The One (Streaming March 12th)
  • Country Comfort (Streaming March 12th)
  • Shadow and Bone (Streaming April 23rd)
  • Dead To Me, Season 3 (No release date yet)
  • Midnight Mass (No release date yet)
  • Ozark, Season 4 (Final season, expected to premiere later this year)
  • You, Season 3 (Finally making a return sometime this year)

Again, these are shows just from this year so far!  And of course, we’re all eagerly awaiting the next season of Bridgerton, right?

Did any of these shows surprise you?  Are there some on the list you haven’t watched but plan to?

If you could create a list of the BEST Netflix Shows ever, what would they be?