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So I pride myself on trying the best of what the CSRA has to offer. If someone says that this is the “best thing” in the CSRA, “best breakfast”, “best cocktails”, etc. I have to try it. Well for years people have been telling me that the Sports Center on Broad Street has the best burger in town and I’d never tried it! People were shocked when I told them I’ve never been there! So I decided it was time to change that. Last week I went to Sports Center and ordered up a $3 PBR and a burger with just cheese and half fries and half onion rings. I saw them making the hamburger patties fresh and couldn’t wait to finally try one! When the food came, I was ready to see if what everyone had been telling me for years was true, and after the first bite I could say…YES! Yes, it was all true! Y’all this burger was everything I was expecting and more! I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to try it. Do I recommend it? Absolutely! Will I be back to get another one very soon? You know it! This burger is definitely Dub approved!