Cody and Harley, brother and sister duo! Love playing outside and snuggling!

Well, apparently I missed the memo on Pet Appreciation Week (June 6th-12th). #PetParentFail!

But who are we kidding? We don’t need a WEEK to celebrate and appreciate our pets… because that happens on the DAILY. Or is that just at my house?

Pet Parent Research

New research shows that nearly 7 in 10 Americans admit to taking better care of their pet than themselves! Are you surprised?

BUT– some respondents did note that taking care of their pet does serve as a great reminder to take better care of themselves.  Plus, we all know studies have proven having pets can reduce stress and make us more active!

Anyone else passed on going out, or even on vacation, because you didn’t want to leave your pet?  I have! The thought of leaving my babies overnight is stressful! 

This research also found that two-thirds are closer to their pet than immediate family members! Because of this incredibly strong bond, pet parents make more effort to show appreciation on a regular basis (birthdays? holidays? every day? Yes, yes and YES!).

So how do we show our pets we love them?


  1. Playing with them every day (62%)
  2. Telling them they’re a good boy or girl (58%)
  3. Feeding them food they love and are excited to eat (57%)
  4. Feeding them healthy, nutritious food (56%)
  5. Always keeping their favorite treats on hand (54%)
  6. Telling them they love them regularly (53%)
  7. Providing them with a nice, comfy bed/sleeping space (53%)
  8. Ensuring they have new toys to play with (48%)
  9. Letting them sleep in the same bed (48%)
  10. Taking them to the vet regularly for care and checkups (48%)

Source: Stella & Chewy’s

And while I may have missed Pet Appreciation Week, I make up for it with daily snuggles, walks, treats and more!  Plus, there’s always National Dog Day on August 26th!  🙂

And on that note… I need to go home and give some extra love and treats!  But first, let me share a couple of my favorite photos of my fur-babies!

Cody And Harley