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Luke Combs is nominated for the CMA’s most coveted award of “Entertainer of the Year,” and while this isn’t his first time being nominated in this category, Luke expressed just how special getting the nod from his peers is.

Luke said, “Being nominated for Entertainer of the Year is unbelievable. So it’s the top award in our business and our genre so I think everybody that gets nominated wants to win.”

He adds, “I know I would love to win at some point and if that’s this year, or five years from now, I know but just being nominated is awesome and something that I definitely don’t take for granted.”

Combs was also excited for his nomination in the Male Vocalist category, a category he won last year. He said, “Having won it before you don’t have to worry about like, ‘Will I ever get it?’ If I ever get it I’ve been lucky to win it before. I would love to win it many more times. I think anybody who’s nominated would say that.”

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