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Brett Eldredge has been honored in his hometown of Paris, Illinois with a 30 foot mural of him standing on the side of a building, and he’s a bit overwhelmed. Brett told local TV station WTWO, “It’s huge. It’s really special.”

Brett also said that his hometown is never far from him. He said, “I always carry that town and that area with me everywhere I go. They haven’t forgotten about me as well, and I think that’s something really special. I don’t know how tall it is, but there’s this massive version of me welcoming people into the wonderful City of Paris,”

Eldredge’s mural is just one of many paintings surrounding downtown Paris. Mayor Craig Smith said the city and the Paris Improvement Organization are adding murals on older and abandoned buildings. The Mayor said, “We want to let people look at the old buildings. We still feel like there’s a lot of life in the old buildings. But, it takes some people, money, and time to come into it.”

For Brett, his mural’s location is in a place all too familiar for him. He said, “I have this weird, vivid memory sometimes. I remember standing there catching candy in the streets from parades. It’s so cool thinking that mural is where I was as a kid. I still feel like a kid from Paris, Illinois.”

He then added of his hometown, “Everything revolves around Paris and still in a lot of ways does for me. So I think that ranks up there for me as something I’m really proud of. You roll into that town and see the hometown of Brett Eldredge, and you see a giant version of me down on the square, where I used to run around and still do when I come home. It really means a lot and ranks up there as one of the proudest moments of my career.”

Brett Eldredge