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Luke Combs sat down with his guitar and his co-writers on his bus and shared a brand new song with fans called “The Kind Of Love We Make” last night (10/3) on his Twitter.

The song starts with the lyrics, “We’ve been burning both ends keeping the lights on / I’ve been thinking we need a little time alone…”

The chorus of the new song continues, “Let’s get some candles burning and some records turning and the lights down low / take it nice and slow the way your body’s moving keep doing what you’re doing / do me all night long writing out a song / girl I want it gotta have it let the passion take us to a higher place / making the kind of love we made.”

Luke posted to Twitter, along with the video of him singing the new tune, “Written a ton of songs over the last year and a half. Here’s one I wrote with The Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis, and Dustin Nunley. It’s called ‘The Kind of Love We Make.'”

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