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Kane Brown must have high school on his mind as the Facebook and Instagram outage affected all of us, Kane took to Twitter to share his thoughts on grading scales.

Kane posted on Twitter, “I’m just figuring out people had different grading scales in high school! What was yours? Mine was 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-75 C and 74-70 D.”

One fan replied to him saying, “The only difference is C and D. C was 79-70 and D was 69-60.” to which Brown replied, “Exactly!!! How the heck is a 60 a D.”

Another fan wrote, “Wait, 74-70 was a D?! Mine was 79-70 C and 69-60 D I read that wrong the first time.” to which Kane responded, “Exactly!!!! 69 for us was an F.”

No word what put grading scales on his mind. He and his family are on the road touring out West this week.

Kane Brown