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The Walker Hayes “Fancy Like” song and Tik Tok dance are huge, and the trend got so big that Applebee’s featured the song that name-drops the Oreo shake in their national commercial campaign.

Walker and his family (he has seven children) seem to be doing the dance wherever they go and in this case, they went to a Nashville area Waffle House and –  yep — they broke out dancing.

Hayes posted a video of him and his kids and some friends doing the famous “Fancy Like” dance at a Waffle House and they didn’t even need the music to get the crowd going.

He posted an emoji of shrugged shoulders along with the video.

Fans reacted with one sharing, “Someone at my gym tried to turn ‘fancy like’ off yesterday and the uproar was amazing. The poor man felt like a fool after.” Another fan shared, “Our principal played fancy like at our homecoming dance tonight it’s was awesome.”

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