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Kelsea Ballerini took some time to shine a spotlight on Mental Health on Mental Health Day on Sunday (10/10). Kelsea took to her Instagram to talk about the subject not many people talk about openly. She wrote, “Hey! it’s world mental health day… a perfect opportunity to check in on yourself and your people. normalizing the conversation around mental health helps to take away any stigma that so many of us feel… keeping us from addressing it or feeling safe to learn, heal, and manage.”

She added, “I’m sooo grateful for therapy and the way it’s helped in my personal mental health journey…and I’m also working on gathering some other tools and resources to share with you soon in a bigger way. I hope you know how worthy and perfect you are as is… and it’s ok to not be ok. big, big love.🤍.”

See that post HERE.

Kelsea Ballerini