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Tim McGraw has been working on the new Paramount Plus show 1883, which he co-stars in. But he’s a busy guy: he’s still doing shows. He told the crowd he’s been working 48 hours straight and to forgive him if he forgets the words to some of his songs.

One fan did not forgive him and Tim stopped a show in Reno after confronting a fan who booed and heckled him after he forgot words to one of his songs.

While he was performing “Just to See You Smile,” he forgot some of the lyrics. One fan started to boo. Tim stopped the show and said to the heckler, “Then why are you doing that. Then leave.”

He then, according to TMZ, jumped off the stage and got right in the heckler’s face.

During the confrontation, you can hear fans yelling, “Just do the show.” One fan says, “This is ridiculous.”

No word on if the heckler left the show, but after some time, Tim did eventually finish the show.

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